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If you're looking for some straight forward "how to..." help with the technology tools you are using in your business, plus "step-by-step" guidance to better use these tools to grow your business, then Sucess AUTOMATION is for you! Also...get your specific technology related questions answered LIVE in our monthly sessions or in the private Members Only community forum.

3 LIVE Trainings Each Month w/ Open Q&A

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Your Complete Resource To Effectively Build Sustainable Business Systems That Help Grow Your Coaching Business!

Success Club is where you have access to the most powerful, cutting edge, and outrageously effective technology tool training in the industry.

We are Coaches helping other Coaches... to effectively use and to better leverage all the technolgy tools you need to grow your business. 

Who Is Success Club For?

(And Who Is It Not For?)

By now you should have a reasonable idea of whether Success Club will provide the kind of support you're looking for in your business.  

But I have to say - it's definitely not for everyone.  

Success Club is not just training about how to use your technology or automation tools, but also about how to integrate and leverage the power of these tools to drive business growth.'s not for just any type of business - it’s specifically for Coaches; Coaches who either deliver a service in-person, deliver services remotely, or who share their expertise through online trainings.  

It’s is very clearly not about some kind of get rich quick scheme.  

This is something for coaches who have genuine value to impart to their prospects, leads, and clients.  

It’s for coaches who want to obtain more prospects, leads and clients in the simplest, easiest ways possible.  

It’s for coaches who have questions about how to do that, and who are prepared to put in the time and effort to make it happen.  

And it’s for coaches who are actually do it!!  

- Ready to learn! - Ready to implement! - Ready to succeed! - Ready to grow!  

So this is not something for you to join then not participate. This is for you to actively use to help grow your business.  

To get the full benefit, you need to be ready to devote at least a couple of hours a week to your business through the Success Club, either in the Facebook Group learning new strategies and techniques, asking questions, or in your business implementing those new strategies and techniques to attract and win more clients.  

And, frankly, this is not for you if you're financially strapped and the monthly investment would be an impossible stretch for you. I want you to be full of energy and focused on getting new clients, not worrying about dollars.  

So, if you're not in a position where this investment can easily integrate into your business budget, then focus on my free material, instead. You can come back to Coaching Business Success Club when you're ready.  

There’s a guiding ethos in Success Club. I recently asked members what their guiding principles were in business and what I heard the most was integrity, helping others, adding value and enjoying the journey.  

So if this sounds like you, and you want the best training and support available to help you grow your coaching business, then Success Club is for you!!

Join for $30.00 per Month

Get 2 Months FREE w/ Annual Subscription 

The Best And Most Cost Effective Coaching Business Support Available! 

Certified Community Testimonials

"Being an entrepreneur was a whole new experience for me and before joining Success Club, I was challenged with every aspect of starting and running my own business. I quickly learned about using product creation and funnel development for free/low cost, mid cost, and high-end products to attract my ideal clients.  

I loved the individual attention: going over what I was doing and Robert giving ideas/suggestions for current action and next steps. And I found listening to the recorded session invaluable as well, gaining further ideas from what other people were doing that I could add to what I was doing.  

I whole heartedly recommend Success Club to anyone who is starting out and not sure what to do to grow their business or is struggling with technology to grow business and can use the expert support."

Grace CW Liu - Certified Life Coach

Join Now! 

Get 2 Months FREE w/ Annual Subscription 

"I am truly grateful for the incredible support and resources available in Success Club and everything Robert and his fabulous team have to offer! As a new Life Mastery Consultant, I had limited experience or confidence in knowing how to get the technology side of my business up and running.  

As a coach himself, Robert has a deep understanding of what it takes to support others and to make a difference in their own lives and businesses. He gives one-hundred percent of his time and effort to making every program, webinar, product and conversation have impact and value.  

I appreciate his patience, skills and creativity as he has helped me to design products to enhance my business. Robert has helped me to become more knowledgeable and confident as my business grows."

Diane Albano, Ed.D. - Certified Life Mastery Consultant

Here's what you get as a Member:​

LIVE Automation Station Sessions (Two Every Month) The Automation Station Sessions are LIVE step-by-step demonstrtion and trainings on how to use all the varying technology tools needed to grow your business, with live Q&A to get your specific questions answered. Don't wr trI create and deliever Member ONLY training videos in response to what you say, you think you need. I take you through every step you need to get varying aspects of your lead generation and marketing strategies firing on all cylinders. 

LIVE Whiteboard Wednesday Session Each Month Join each month for a direct to camera, business building session with Robert Martinez, where he shows you all the best approaches to integrate and leverage your automation tools for building a thriving coaching business. Also, get all your automation strategy questions answered, so you can build effective Lead Generation and Sales funnels, Book funnels, Webinar funnels, etc. Don't worry if you cannot make the LIVE sessions, we solicit your questions throughout the month and also make all the video recordings available to you.  

Learn About The Latest Tools Learn from those who are "one-rung-up" on the implemtation ladder and see what is working, and what is not, from other successful coaches and save time implementing the proven systems and tactics that work! These are the things that help your business to grow! Getting input on what's worked (or not worked) can save you months of trial and error and get you to a solution you might never have come up with at all, by yourself... 

Private Success Club Member ONLY Access We have a private Facebook group for Success Club members. One of the things that hold most coaches back, is being able to get quick answers to their questions, so thy can take the actions that drive their success. Get the information you need, when you need it, by asking for help inside our private facebook group, so you can take the next needed step in your business. Not only will my team answer your questions, our entire Coaching community is there to support and encourage you. 

Exclusive Access To Replay Videos of all LIVE Sessions We know it's hard sometimes to make it to th LIVE sessons, so we record all of our live sessions and ONLY Success Club Members are granted access to these highly sought-after training session recordings. Watch them as often as you like!

The Best And Most Cost Effective Coaching Business Support Available!


If you're looking for some straight forward "how to..." help for the technology tools you are using in your business, plus "step-by-step" guidance to better use these tools to grow your business. Also...get your specific technology related questions answered LIVE or in the community forum, then AUTOMATION is for you!

Success Club AUTOMATION 

Two Months Free w/ Yearly Subscription

Success Automation is for Coaches who are managing their own technology solutions and need specific direction and "How To" help with the tools they've chosen to use in their business. 

These would include email marketing systems, landing page software, cloud distribution and storage solutions, website eidtors, membership websites, and the lits goes on and on...

You also receive expert guidance on the business and automation strateges that get results and that are essential to growing and scaling your coaching business.

If you need help using auotmation, this is for you!

Success AUTOMATION Includes:

  • Two LIVE technology tool Automation Station Sessions each month w/ open Q&A  
  • A White Board Wednesday business and automation strategy session each month covering the best ways to leverage your technology tools.  
  • A new technology related resource each month that supports your business growth
  • Private Facebook Group to get all your automation questions answered 24/7
  • Replay videos of all the LIVE sessions to watch as often as you like